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The Thursday Knights enjoy recording songs in a shed on Thursday (K)nights while questing for the Holy Grail with the aid of a chalice or two. Jif leads on guitar and vocals while Nigel accompanies on harmonica and drum.

Nobody's Business

That's Alright



We didn't get much chance to record after the arrival of Covid 19 and most of our playing was done outdoors. Finally after two jabs and a loosening of restrictions we managed to get indoors again, making the recordings above on a mobile phone in Nigel's study and those below in Jif's shed.


Wild About My Lovin'


Railroad Bill

Dark Hollow

Fare Thee Well

Hang Me O Hang Me

One Irish Rover

Baby Blue

Thursday Night Blues

That's Alright

I Ain't Got No Home


That Girl of Mine

Try for the Sun

Going Home

Pallet On Your Floor

John Wesley Harding

Caleb Meyer

Dirty Old Town

The Partisan


Down To The River

Ramblin' Boy

Thursday Night Blues II

Nobody's Business

Don't Think Twice

St James Infirmary

Down and Out

Tom Paine


Greenback Dollar

Big Road Blues

Night Riding
(An original Jif song)

99 Years

Tonight Will Be Fine

Over The Hill

It Hurts Me Too

Goodnight Irene